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    How to get help from Adobe themselves

    peterh532416 Level 1

      Hi, could anyone advise me how to get support from Adobe directly?

      For me LR6 has stopped working and I want to get Adobe to help or maybe a refund (sadly).

      I tried the chat service and was directed here.   I thought maybe Adobe would pick it up but they haven't.


      I 100% love the idea of users collaborating and helping each other get the most from their product, but when it comes to basics like it wont run, then I want the official support.

      I guess you've had same need on occassions.... how you you get Adobe to engage??!

      Thanks  Peter

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          it wont run

          What is the actual issue?


          Which operating system?


          Any error messages or error codes?


          It's likely that many other users have faced similar issues to yours in the past. If you share specifics, we may be able to point you in the right direction.

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            peterh532416 Level 1

            Hi John,  Thanks for your suggestion.

            Im on Windows.   LR6 hangs on the splash screen.  I tried a new resolution for a bigger screen and thats when it started.  Changed back but to no avail.

            The forum mentions renaming to 'old' a couple of files but that just stops me even getting to the splash screen.

            I've just spend 2 hours on the Adobe chat support and they are saying re-install.  But that could loose the c 10 days of effort Ive just put into manually organizing 90,000 photos from my families entire digital photo life into 5 catalogs.   I could wake up back at the start a bit like groundhog day.

            Adobe support suggested I try moving a the Lightroom folder from Appdate/Roaming/Adobe to the desktop but that didn't work.

            I'm reluctant to reinstall if it could mean loosing all the catalog structure.  So I'm asking Adobe to look at it more professionally.     "Oohps reinstall and loose your catalogs" doesnt seem a very professional solution.

            So I guess my real question has moved on from "how to get support from Adobe themselves" to "how to get more professional help from adobe themselves".  My expectation is when it comes to users exchanging knowledge on how to get the best from the product then user forums are brilliant, but when its down to the basics of I bought it to organise my photos and it's just frozen.....  I think the author needs to provide some support that doesn't amount to hit the reset button and loose all your organization ! 

            It looks like a lovely product.  I wonder if just changing resolutions was what goosed it!?

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Live chat is about as close as you can get to Adobe. If you try telephone support you will be connected to someone in India most likely. And in most instances they are just reading answers from a computer database. But I like to point something out. Reinstalling Lightroom will have absolutely no effect on any of the work you have done. All of the work you have done, including the reorganizing of your images, is stored in the catalog. And that catalog will remain in place during the reinstall. All of the work you have done will still be intact after the reinstall.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I have had interactions between Adobe Technical Support, which I assume is what you're thinking you want, a couple of times.  They remote into the computer, look around, and do things, probably all the same things Adobe CS is telling you via Chat but at least they know what they've done, whereas Adobe CS can't quite be sure if you're doing what they say or not.


                In my experience Adobe Technical Support is assigned in a "we will call you when we want in the next few days" sort of situation once Adobe Customer Support gives up but think Adobe Tech might be able to help.


                I'd do what Adobe CS tells you to do until they and you run out of options or things start working.  It seems that they don't know what is wrong, and it's easily possible that Adobe Tech wouldn't, either, but they might know more things to try, at least.


                All that said, you are ultimately responsible for what happens on your computer and for having backups of important files.  Your catalog is stored wherever LR says it is in LR / Prefs / Catalog Settings, and you can change that location to whatever you want that is a locally-attached drive.  Your photos are wherever they are, now, and you are responsible for them to be backed up, as well.  Programs are normally installed in a different area of your folder structure but at least find out where things are so you know more for sure.  On Windows, things that start with Program Files or ProgramData or Windows are normally where programs are stored, and hopefully your catalog and photos are nowhere near the table.


                There is something wrong on your computer, and as part of the troubleshooting, Adobe asked you to do a reinstall.  It is fine that you're asking if that is safe, but understand that Adobe is not likely to give you anymore help if you stop doing what they're asking.  Satisfy yourself you know where your catalog and photos are and that you know where backups are, preferably on another hard-drive--I'd suggest a fast USB3-attached hard-drive where 1TB is $100ish--, then once you feel more confident that your photos and adjustments are safe, continue doing what Adobe chat people tell you to do.