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    Captivate Simulations (Demo/Assessment/Training): Insert into module


      Hi there,

      I created a software simulation (demo/assessment/and training. There are three different modules. Now, I have a 4th module. This one is based on our template. I want to have some overview slides and then have users go through each module (demo/assessment/and training). Do I import the simulations? Or do I copy and paste the slides in?



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          I don't know why this has gone unanswered all this time, I'd imaging you've gotten started by now.


          It's difficult to maintain the structure of each of these if you try to copy and paste them into a single project, your best bet is to link from your 4th module to the published output of each of the other modules.


          This implies a 'reverse development approach,' where the 1st, or menu module, is created last. This module contains link, as stated above, to the output from the other lessons. If these courses will be stored in an LMS, the links should be generated from the files after they're published to the LMS and a course record is created for each one.


          I hope you're seeing the complexity that I'm alluding to, as the graphic design for the menu structure would likely need to be complete and finalized well before creating the menus structure that ties each of the modules together.


          Now, can we start a dialogue about your design of having students complete three lessons from the same recording?


          This sounds a bit like a recipe for frustrating your students, IF the plan is to have them complete them in rapid succession.


          If you plan to have some live interaction, project completion and practical knowledge between each module, you'll have a much more appreciated result. In any event, be sure you have actual students participate in a pilot of the materials, and incorporate revisions based on their feedback.