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    Adobe Apllication Manager for Lightroomfails on Win10

    roger huston



      I am trying to install Lightroom as a trial as I am thinking of going to the CC version from my older stand-alone versions.  I am using Windows 10 build 10162.


      Attempt 1:   I did try installing Lightroom as I was able to download a trial version from another computer (home connection is slow).  I could get it to install, but the Application Manager failed when I launched the product.  I then downloaded the Application Manager program separately and it failed.  It then pointed to to another logging program for tech support, but that program is no longer supported.


      Attempt 2:  I came here directly on my Win10 computer. I signed up for a trial, but every time I get to the download page it asks to launch an application: AdobeApllicationManager (URIHandler) and then nothing happens.