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    Playback Stops with CC 2015. Mac Pro 6 core

    melf3182 Level 1

      Specs:  2013 Mac Pro 6 core, 32GB ram, media on RAID0 thunderbolt drive. GH4 and A7s media. Running Yosemite 10.10.2


      I'm currently assembling an edit - so early stages no effects. And after 10 or so minutes of editing playback stops. I can still load clips into the source, scrub through footage (using the mouse) but when I hit spacebar, K or the play icon nothing happens. I had this happen a few times in CC2014 but it was pretty rare. This is my first project in CC2015. I've been using FCPX and having a pretty great time. Thought I'd give the new premier a go. So far so bad.


      Anyway just did a live chat with Adobe who asked me to put it into Software mode and that seems to get me pretty good playback. However that doesn't seem like an acceptable long term solution to me - how is this going to go once I start using all the great grading tools and new effects?? The Adobe reps solution was that I should contact the hardware manufacturer. It seems to be that software mode is the solution for everything mac related and I can't believe its still that way after more than 18 months after the release of the mac pro. And after a major Premier update. Or that adobe reps have nothing more useful to say.


      I've used CC2014 many many times on this very same machine without this issue happening as regularly as it is now. It was still buggy as hell and I've never had to spend so much time on chat support with any other company as I have had to with adobe (hence why I've been using FCPX for my last few projects). I've put enough work into this current project that I'd love to see it through in premier - so if anyone has any advise other than "put it into software mode" I would love to hear it!


      Many thanks for taking the time to reply.