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    Where did the face recognition interface go to in Library mode?

    Chrisinhouston Level 1

      Last week I was playing catch up with adding keywords to some older images and also using the face recognition tool. Today I come back to Lightroom and for the life of me I can't find it. It used to be just below the main loupe image in the central window. There were also other things like a way to choose a single image or a grid, Y-X compare,  a spray paint can, A-Z sort and Capture Time. There was also a thumnail sizing slider on the right side but now there is nothing. Trying to figure out if I inadvertently turned something off. Sorry if this is pretty simple issue but it has me stumped.


      Here is a screen shot of what my work area looks like:

      face rec gone.JPG

      Here is a screen shot of my System Info in case that means anything has changed: