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    help updating footnotes in a placed document


      This forum has been helpful resolving other problems I have had with my footnotes for this document, so I am hoping this new issue can be fixed as well.


      I have placed a large word document into indesign and have been editing it in indesign.  if I reorder text though (for instance move a few paragraphs from page 50 to page 20) the footnote numbers are updated properly in the footnote text, but not in the body text.


      If I move the text by dragging the entire page(s) in the page panel or by copy-pasting the text, and then select update cross-references in the Hyperlinks & Cross References panel they are updated as if the text was just pasted/dragged to after the original location.  And if I copy the text, delete it, and then paste it in the new place, updating the cross-references merely deletes the footnote in the body text (despite preserving the actual footnote text). 


      Seems odd...my inclination is that it is not so much a problem with the footnote, as it is the way ID is reading the chronology or ordering of the placed word document.  There may be an automatic setting that preserves a continuity of text flow or something that I am not smart enough to know about or figure out.


      Any help would be appreciated!