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    extra row in data grid

    xyco45 Level 1
      after I load a object into data grid created from a web service it will always seem to create a new blank row. When I get a error after clicking on it, it always says "-1" for the rows count. when I shrink the size of the datagrid it elminates some of the extra row, but still there is a bit of it showing. how do I resize the datagrid so it doesn't spit out a extra row, or a part of one.

      http://www.ctrlzsc.com/other/pic.png this is a pic showing the extra row, just look where my badly drawn arrow is pointing to.
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          hi, xyco45
          you can set the dataGrid's height and the rowHeight. In my experience, for example, first, you set the headerHeight="25" and rowHeight="22", the height will be setted (headerHeight+rowHeight*(rowNumbers)+1) or (headerHeight+rowHeight*(rowNumbers)+2), I thought this question will be solved.