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    Workspace options


      I have worked with Photoshop Elements 9 for a very long time and just upgraded to photoshop cc. I loved how I could see the thumbnails of the open images in the project bin at the bottom of my workspace in elements. I could work with multiple images at once - selecting several at once to close, or dragging one image onto another to create a collage, etc, that way in elements. But so far in CC the open images only show up as tabs at the top of my workspace, and I can't select more than one image at a time. I have looked all over the place to try to find an option to have the open images appear as thumbnails in a project bin at the bottom but cannot figure it out. Can someone help me?

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          There is no such thing in the "big" PS. That's what Bridge is used for, which once existed as an inline panel in PS, but was removed due to technical difficulties. Maybe it will come back one of those days...



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