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    Multiple Loader Component Actionscript

      I have created a multiple scene flash website, all contained in one movie called yoke_web.swf.
      The size of the movie is 800x 600 and i want it to be displayed with a background image behind it that changes as you click on the menu items.
      In order to do this i created a new flash file at the back ground size which in this case in 1680 x 1040 and called it yoke_large.swf and i created a loader component to fit this size. I called this "backLoader"
      In the middle of this i created another loader component on a new layer and called it "myLoader". This was to display the yoke_web.swf so that the contentpath called "myLoader" to display the yoke_web.swf movie over the top of the backLoader component which i set some actionscript to call in a back ground image.
      I used _root.class actionscript so that the websites buttons function etc and all works well.

      What i want to do now is the tricky part. I want the yoke.web.swf loaded in the "myLoader" component to load an image in the "backLoader" component so that the background image changes with each menu item. For example when you press the folio button in the loaded "myLoader" yoke_web.swf i want the actionscript to talk to the backLoader component sitting behind it so as it displays a corresponding image to the folio button etc.
      This means i have to write the actionscript in the yoke_web.swf so once published it can then talk to the "backLoader" component placed in the yoke_large.swf.

      I know this seems confusing but i am sure it can be done somehow using parent/child relationships maybe?
      Any help would be fantastic.