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    Help! I can't edit my text layers from previous AE projects (opened in update CC 2015)


      I updated my creative cloud suite to the latest version 13.5. without thinking to check of bugs and losses etc.


      To much horror my old after effects projects are now suffering with at least text layers (haven't even checked my other assets are working properly yet).

      Media and font styles have reloaded fine its just frustrating how AE won't let me edit the text as it worked fine before.


      For the record... gutted they took away garbage matte in Premiere, why?!


      So far I've read through this and uninstalling and reinstalling CC 2014 did not help at all

      https://www.reddit.com/r/AfterEffects/comments/3a0zjg/caution_when_installing_after_effect s_cc_2015/


      Many thanks,
      Keith W



      win7 64bit
      4 GHz


      nvidia quadro K2000

      16gb ram