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    Erratic behavior with more complicated puppet?


      Hi all,


      Has anyone else experience some random behaviors when drawing a more complicated puppet? I'm working on one now, it was looking and working okay, then I moved an arm in illustrator. Came back to CA, and the head had popped off into space.

      Also, Character Animator seems to uncheck 'Warp Independently' every time you update the puppet in illustrator, is there a way to keep it on? (Or I guess better to use the '+' in the original artwork?).

      Here's the head issue I mentioned:


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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          We're not aware of that issue. If you have a somewhat reliable repro case, we'd like to try to diagnose if you're willing to send us a sample file.


          If you deselect then reselect the "head" subpuppet layer or if you switch the Puppet panel's zoom level from Fit to a specific magnification like 100%, does the problem not appear?


          Yes, you'd want to add a "+" in front of the layer name in the source AI document.



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            SBDebreuil Level 1

            I've been messing with it, and I don't think the puppet was the problem, it was me fooling around with sub-puppet settings.


            Steps to reproduce unwanted behaviour:


            1. Bring in puppet (puppet_box09.ai)

            2. Select head subpuppet, check 'Warp Independently', attach to neck (in puppet panel).

            3. Go to puppet illustrator file, move left hand

            4. Return to CA, head is now detached and floating above character body.


            Pretty sure it's step 2 causing the problem, when I uncheck 'warp', and reselect attach to front, make a change and re-save the .ai file, the head will re-attach properly.

            Here's the file I was using:


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              Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the file. I was able to repro in Preview 1, but it's no longer shifting the head in Preview 2. (You didn't even need to move a layer -- just toggling visibility of a layer off/on still caused the problem before.) Of course, it'll still reset Warp Independently and the Attach To setting, so you'll still want to change the head layer name to:

                  +head {attachTo = "Neck"}