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    LR on dual monitors configuration


      Dear Sirs. I'm using LR on desktop with 2 monitors. By the default if I'm using 2 monitors configuration  LR can show thumbnail in the left monitor and main photo with tools on the right. I'd like to change this setting but don't know how. I'll I want is to get edited photo on the left monitor and thumbnails on the right. I can change windows setting to make one monitor main and other secondary but is is not convinient for me.


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          andrewfreeman Level 3

          Select Window>Screen Mode> Normal.


          Drag the edit window to where you want it.


          The secondary display will auto switch to the other monitor.


          Set LR edit window back to full screen mode.


          Job done.


          LR remembers where the windows were the last time you used it, so you don't have to keep on doing this.