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    Lightroom on 2 Computers


      I have Lightroom 5 on my laptop which I often take with me on extended image shoots and on my desktop at home.  I generally download the images to the laptop each day after the shoot and perform basic developing before posting images taken that day.  When I get home, I want to move the images from my laptop to my desktop without losing the development actions I already performed and retaining the original RAW file (I don't want to export as JPEG and load these onto my desktop).  Does anyone have a step by step procedure for doing this?  My current procedure is to download the original raw files onto my desktop and repeat the developing steps I had already performed - not very efficient.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can export the work you have done on the laptop as a catalog, and include the images. You could export everything to an external hard drive. Then you could plug that external hard drive into the other computer and import from that catalog.

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            rrg1959 Level 1

            I am not sure I understand how to do this - do you mean as a collection?

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              ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

              On your laptop, you will need a way to choose which images you want to merge into your desktop catalog. A collection would be one way to do that. Folders named by date would be another option as would keywords or star ratings.


              After you have selected your images to merge, from the File menu select "export as catalog" and choose the option to include the "negative files".

              Copy that exported catalog and its files to your desktop using a network or external drive.

              On your desktop, "import another catalog" to merge your images and edits into your main catalog.


              Alternatively, you could put your images and catalog on an external drive, then move the drive from computer to computer as you need.

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                rrg1959 Level 1

                Thanks - I will give that a try.