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    Photoshop 3D to After Effects

    StuGetsu Level 1

      Hey! I do not know is this the right forum for this one, so sorry if im wrong. I have a problem, i have this logo which i made into 3D in Photoshop and i would like to export it to After Effects. So i read that i have to put it to Cinema 4D first and then i can export to After Effects. So the problem is that when i open the obj. file in Cinema 4D it is just the shape of the logo so what am i doing wrong? Is it some setting in Photoshop or Cinema 4D (i know if its Cinema 4D it does not belong to this forum) but i read that you have to open the Cinema 4D through After Effects (New -> MAXON Cinema 4D file) If there is anyone that knows i would appreciate your help. Thanks!