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    Sharing Maps  data?


      I am using LR 6 with Yosemite and I have geotagged a collection of photos for a friend and shared it with him via the LR URL. He would like to have the location data to visit some of these places himself, but no information shows up when he clicks on a photo. Is there any way to export or share the location data from Maps module with others?

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not through Lightroom.adobe.com if that is what you are using. It has no interface to show the geoencoding data on the images. You need to use another sharing website such as flickr, smugmug, zenfolio, etc. that do have geo support built in and that read the data embedded by Lightroom. You can also just send him an exported jpeg through email and it will have the geo data embedded if you enable that in the export panel.