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    Adobe Premiere Elements 13 problem


      Dear Sir/Ms,

      My initial question was not responded to,  placed over a week ago. Enquiry "accepted" June 28th per email


      My problem is with Adobe Elements 13 which I use for the generation of DVD's following Photoshop.

      When recalling a DVD title from the file, for modification or other, I get a dialog box informing me that:

      File Import Failure

      This type of file is not supported or the required codec is not installed

      Images have been obliterated being replaced by red backgrounds on which there is Asian script in white!

      I am able to generate complete DVD's the first time around but the problem is when I want to open up a closed file!


      The on screen PDF instruction book does not reference this problem. I have taken a screen shot of the "deleted"

      image area and will forward same for your perusal.


      Please respond, thank you.


      Paul Broderick