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    Upgrading computer, enough for PP Pro CC 2015?




      I've posted before, but I'm really frustrated with the fact that my late 2012 Mac Mini handles editing of 4k in Premiere Pro CC 2015 without issue, while my AMD PC struggles with even UHD. Even on Youtube I cannot watch 4K video's on my PC (and I mean at all), while my base model 2012 Mac Mini has no issue.


      I've been told on this forum that it is because my PC is an AMD based system and my Mac Mini is Intel, which has a set of instructions (or something like that) that AMD does not.


      Anyway, I'm going from an AMD FX 4100 3.6 Ghz processor and MSI Motherboard with 16GB ram and GTX 750 TI video card and swapping out the processor and motherboard for an Intel i7 4790K with Z97 chipset (same memory and video card).


      I'm hoping this will fix my issues. What do you guys think?