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    RH11: HTML Help Template Features Not Displaying

    Midacol Level 1

      Hello -


      I'm creating a Responsive HTML5 user guide for my company's web-based application. When we attempt to access the user guide through the application in MSIE (version 11.0.9600 - update version 11.0.20), the user guide I created in RoboHelp (version only displays the content I wrote and not the TOC, the Sidebar, the Function bar, or any other layout features. It just simply displays my written content as a webpage without any layout or navigation features at all.


      The developer working on this (I am not a programmer, just a tech writer) sent me this error message which appears when attempting to view the user guide through the application:




      When opened in the debugger (?) the details appear as such:




      Can you help us, please?  We're stumped at the moment.





      UPDATE: We have writer here who is using an older version of RH than I am (my version: - other writer's version: and the HTML5 user guide we have created compiles and functions as expected with the older version. What changes were made to RH11 between our two versions that have caused this problem to occur in my version and is there a patch or update that can correct this problem?


      Thanks again-