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    Working with multi-page PDFs in Fireworks?

    marc.choisnard Level 1

      I have received a multi-page PDF file from a design firm and I would like to edit some of the pages (bitmap is fine - I'm just making changes to some elements on some pages for illustrative purposes). I know I should be using another application, but Fireworks is what I have the budget for and I already know how to use it.


      Here are the 2 problems I'm hoping there are solutions for:


      1) When I open the 27-page PDF file, it opens as a single fireworks 'page', with a single layer, with 27 states. Each state is one of the pages of the original PDF. I don't really have a problem with this, except that I don't know how to re-export the states back into a multi-page PDF. My "workaround" has been to create 27 duplicates of the fireworks page, then go in and select each different state on each of the fireworks pages. This way I can make changes and export, but it seems like a horrible waste of time. Any suggestions?


      2) The same PDF mentioned above, when viewed in Preview, is a beautiful, crisp, vector file. However, when I open it in Fireworks the images are rasterized/flattened (obviously). I don't actually mind this too much, but the problem is the size of the flattened images is so small they lose a bunch of the quality (they also seemed to be rendered with some kind of lossy jpg compression because there are artifacts everywhere). The pages are 612x792 and I would love them to be at least twice that size. Is there some way to force the flattened images to be bigger?


      As a workaround, my colleague says he opens the PDF and takes a screen shot of each page, then opens them all in fireworks to work with. This is also quite time consuming, but at least I get higher resolution this way.


      Thanks in advance for any tips/links to helpful answers!