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    Budget PC Build for Web Design (upgradable)


      With the recent and adrupt death of my imac to go along with a few other financial hurdles I've been put in a bit of a situation. Bottom line, I'm reaching out for a PC build under $1000 sans monitor for running CC.


      It needs to be budget for now, and upgradable for when things get better on my end. Any builds out there that don't account for video rendering (but could with future upgrades)? I'm a web designer that primarily works with Photoshop, Illustrator and sometimes InDesign. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          odds are you wont be able to replace the cpu alone with any build you go with, so your basic upgrades would be adding more ram, better video card, and storage.


          for that budget, you really only have an option of the i7-4790 or i7-4790k (a bit faster).

          im not sure what real world requirements those programs need, but you can get 16gb ram (2x8gb) and add more later if needed.

          the gtx 750  for around $120 is a good value, and would allow some light video editing as well.

          the samsung 850 pro ssd's are good, if you need to save, the samsung 850 evo can be a good alternative.


          if you are buying a pre-made system like a hp or dell, you may only get an option for the i7-4790 and a gtx 745.

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            JFPhoton Level 3

            It may be possible for you to use a beefy gaming laptop.....like the Asus model , ( or better), that Bill Gehrke and I are using. I got mine one year ago, the Asus G750 JW, and bought it REFURBISHED to save almost HALF of normal retail at the time. Mine cost $850 and came with a great 4700HQ i7 CPU, an NVidia 2GB 765m GPU, 8, ( bad ), GB of Ram, and one lousy 5400 1TB HDD that was sitting in one of the two 2.5" HDD bays that were provided. The machine arrived in like new condition with the plastic all still on it. All I had to do to "bring it up to snuff" was add system memory ,( I brought it up to 24GB with the user accessible slots), and then CLONE the existing, supplied HDD onto a Crucial SATA III SSD I had, the M500 model. Then, I added a SECOND  matching SSD. Its simple . All programs, OS and page file on the boot SSD, and EVERYTHING ELSE on the second SSD.

               The NEW machines from this year are even BETTER.....some have NVidia 9xx series GPUs with 3 or 4GB of video memory, instead of 2GB.  Some have fast SSDs already inside, at least for the boot drive.  The prices for newer machines with good components have dropped since last year.

               Generally it is a rule that a properly constructed desktop system  will WAY outperform a laptop....however, such a desktop will be WAY past your budget with everything figured in : case, MOBO, memory, GPU, power supply, SSDs, etc. A beefy gaming laptop can be an " all inclusive" solution.

            With the two SSDs in my laptop, and the memory uprade......all done myself.....the video benchmarking test  at PPBM7.com showed my machine performing at the level of a solid desktop system of only TWO YEARS ago !!! It  handles multiple tracks of 1080p easily, with plenty of GPU accelerated effects added....it even does 4K !!  Photoshop is a breeze !  I also connected a 1440p, ( 2560 x 1440 ), external IPS monitor to my laptop , and that 27" monitor with that resolution going at 60fps is awesome !!.....the laptop doesn't strain a bit.

                Keep an eye out at New Egg , or, Tiger Direct for a "refurbished" deal....being careful to insure that you can upgrade it easily yourself, if neccessary. Or, you may actually find a decent new laptop in the $1,000 ballpark.  Having two ,2.5" HHD bays,or, a drive system that has M.2 SSDs for boot and a single 2.5" space for another drive is good. The ability to add more memory is key as well....16 GB is a little light for current video work, 24,GB is OK,but, 32 GB is BEST.  You MUST have an i7 CPU that is at LEAST what we have,or, better...( the 4700HQ ). i5s and i3s are NO GOOD, and spinning HDDs are a handicap as well....you need the speed of SATA III SSDs, or, BETTER !!!

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              a refurbished desktop may be a good idea, that might save a bit, and may still allow for some easy upgrades. not sure if the OP wants/needs a laptop. the i7-4700HQ is a fair amount slower than the i7-4790k, almost 30% (3.4ghz vs 4.4ghz). so unless he needs portability, the desktop route will be best value. an i7-4790k build can be done for $1k.

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                dougdeep93 Level 1

                Thanks to everyone for their feedback. It gave me a lot to consider and directed my research into my first build. Below is what I've pieced together to be a decent build for my budget that should run CC and allow for the odd game here and there.


                Would appreciate your thoughts on the motherboard, recommended cooler, tower and PSU as the options here seem endless.


                PCPartPicker part list: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3Bx3GX

                Price breakdown by merchant: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/3Bx3GX/by_merchant/


                CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor  ($319.54 @ Amazon Canada)

                Motherboard: ASRock H97M PRO4 Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard  ($89.99 @ NCIX)

                Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory  ($121.98 @ DirectCanada)

                Storage: Samsung 850 EVO-Series 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive  ($83.98 @ DirectCanada)

                Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive  ($60.98 @ Newegg Canada)

                Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Superclocked Video Card  ($178.98 @ Newegg Canada)

                Total: $855.45

                Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available

                Generated by PCPartPicker 2015-07-13 11:58 EDT-0400

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                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                  if you can get the samsung 850 evo 256gb, it will be faster and last alot longer.

                  the prices on the gtx 750 ti seem high, the gtx 750 is close to the same performance but was showing alot cheaper.

                  if you did want to game, the gtx 960 would be a good option. its almost 2x faster than the gtx 750.

                  the motherboard seems good value for the price, should work. asus and gigabyte are a little more money, but also a little better quality.

                  the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO is a very popular budget cooler, but its fan is pretty loud. the Phanteks PH-TC14S has a quieter fan.

                  double check that the cpu heatsink and fan height will fit in the case you choose, and fits lga 1150 motherboards.

                  the Cooler Master N200 is a nice case to go along with the micro asrock mbd. there are some box/cube shaped cases for micro mbd's if you want.

                  500-650 watt psu. you wont really get anything great for a budget build price. you will want to buy one from a mfg you trust if you need warranty repair/return.