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    Best way to achieve scales orders of magnitude bigger


      Hey everyone,


      Im a pretty new AE user, and i have been interested in creating videos which compare sizes and magnitudes of various things in the universe. For example, comparing the speeds of the universe, from a snail all the way to light speed, by giving faster things a bigger size. I have been creating the effect by making various 2D composition cards of each item which is being compared, eg; speed.png




      I then created a camera and made the layers 3D, so i could zoom out of each composition card to show the relative sizes and have the cards sitting at a nice perspective which looks cool. eg;speed2.png


      Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to achieve.



      The problem I keep running into is that I'm giving each card a scale based on it speed to get the relative sizes when I zoom out. The scales begin to get out of hand, because on the one end i have speeds of 40km/h, and by the end of the video im dealing with the speed of light which is around 1,000,000,000km/h and after effects starts glitching out long before i set the scale to millions of %.


      I have tried stopping the video, creating a new composition and trying to reset the scales again but i can never get a seamless transition from the previous one.


      I am wondering if anyone on here could help me out or show me a method to achieve the same effect but be able to deal with the cards being millions if not billions of times bigger than each other at times.


      If i haven't explained something clearly please let me know, and all feedback is appreciated


      Thanks alot!