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    Lightroom is not showing imported images


      I have been having this problem since lightroom updated from 5 to CC (I think that was the progression - forgive me if I'm wrong but basically their most recent major update)   but it has gotten worse since I upgraded my computer.


      Problem :

      When I work on photos in photoshop, saved them as PSD, they randomly do not appear in lightroom after saving them. (It used to be that if I opened an image from Lightroom, saved it as a new file format, it would automatically show up in the Lightroom Catalog)  Then when I try to synchronize the folder, the dialogue box will show "X" images to import (let's say 1 for this example)  however when it goes to the import page, there are no New images to import.  Then I click on "All Photos"  all the images that are currently in the catalog are greyed out and there are my PSD files showing as if they are already in the catalog.  However, again, they are not showing up in the catalog folder when I go back to try to work in Lightroom.


      *I have the most up to date version of CC

      *I have all my permissions on my drives set

      *I do not have images stacked

      *I do not have any of the PSD files in sub-folders.

      *Running on Windows 8.1


      This is driving me mad because it doesn't happen every time but when it does it seems to be for now rhyme or reason.  GAH!!!


      I also have tried to bypass synchronizing the folder and use the Import option, but it does the same thing there.