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    Skipping a trigger on the timeline with a button click

    m.grigoryan Level 1

      Hello there,


      I'm not a coder so apologies if my question about what I'm trying to do is super simple. 


      Let's say I have a button on my stage.  Some seconds later on the timeline, there's a trigger with some code in it.  This is what I need to happen: upon button press (before the trigger is reached/activated along the timeline), the trigger and whatever code that's inside of it is SKIPPED OVER, continuing along the timeline like it didn't exist.  If the button isn't pressed, trigger and its code execute whatever's in it. 


      The catch: I can't simply tell the button to jump to a frame after the trigger, due to a video playing in the background (so if we send it to a frame after the trigger, it will look like video is skipping or something went wrong).


      Is this possible?  If code is necessary (for what would go in the button, the trigger, or both), please paste that in, so this silly designer type could insert it into my code


      Thanks in advance!