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      I imported photos into lightroom and everything seemed normal. Now I'm getting the message these files cannot be found. I clicked on them and tried to locate, but can't find them. I did edit a couple before this happened and those two are saved as psd files. I was able to find those ones. Why would those two be showing up and not the others? I deleted the photos from my card and really don't want to re-do this shoot.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you move the files? If so, what did you used to move them?

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            ericanicolephoto Level 1

            I didn't move them.

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              ericanicolephoto Level 1

              The folder shows up with a question mark until I connect my memory card again. Then the question mark on the folder is gone but the thumbnails still say file cannot be found.

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                ericanicolephoto Level 1

                I should also add that the folder name that they were saved under is 103ND700 and my camera is the D700. Does this mean it somehow saved to my memory card and now that they were deleted from the card they're gone?

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                  andrewfreeman Level 3

                  Sounds as though you imported them from the memory card and didn't use the "copy" feature in the import dialogue to copy them to your HD. A simple "import" will only import the images to the catalogue and use their current location as to where to look for the images: it's treating you memory card as an external drive.


                  They aren't gone completely if you haven't used the memory card since formatting it: use this piece of software to get them back (pick the free version). DO NOT USE THE MEMORY CARD AND DO NOT SAVE THE RECOVERED FILES BACK TO THE MEMORY CARD DURING RECOVERY.




                  If you have used the memory card, you will only be able to get some of the images back.


                  In future either copy the files to the HD first and then import them, or use the "copy to feature" in LR and copy them to the HD whilst importing.

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                    ericanicolephoto Level 1

                    Thanks so much Andrew. That's what I was afraid had happened. Do you know of any other recovery downloads that are compatible with Macs? The one you provided says it is for windows operating systems. I really appreciate it.

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                      andrewfreeman Level 3

                      Sorry, not any free ones that I know of. Google turned a few up, but they look like "download for free but pay to recover" types. There are quite a few genuine, full, free ones for PCs. Do you know anyone with a PC? The one above is rather good: I've used it on numerous occasions to recover friends, families and even the bosses images....

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                        ericanicolephoto Level 1

                        I ended up just downloading one that I had to pay for. It let me see the recovered files before paying, so it was worth it. Ended up finding most of them! Thanks so much for your help