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    Creative Cloud won't launch


      Windows 7, recently ran a full wipe (with Creative Cloud cleaner/removal tool) and reinstall within the past three weeks, reinstalled, then upgraded apps to CC2015. Tonight, Creative Cloud opened once, attempted to update but got stuck, and then continued attempt to run it have failed. No task gets launched (have checked Task Manager), have tried both with Run As Administrator and on a seperate, clean admin account. No cigar.


      This is the third time this year I have had to jump through hoops to get my service to function (two prior times refusal to update, and now it simply will not launch). Getting very tired of CC breaking every single update. I would switch to other tools but all I know is Adobe and work won't wait. If Creative Cloud is going to keep being rendered unusable every few weeks, I may have to force myself to work with less comprehensive tools.