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    interior slug - how to see it?


      I am setting up full bleed pages for a screw post book in In Design (creative cloud).  I've set up 1/8" bleeds and a 3/4" interior slug (I need extra width along the interior of each page to punch the holes for the screw posts).  I have facing page spreads with images that run across the gutter.  This seems like it should work, when I print the layout is what i intend.


      BUT- I want to be able to draw guidelines for the screwpost holes within the interior gutter - to help me make sure I get them in the same place on each page. I'd make some marks in the interior slug area, which won't be visible once the pages are bound. Within in design, if I have facing pages, I can see the top/bottom/exterior bleeds and slug.  But i can't view the interior bleed or slug, it just shows the facing pages butting up against eachother (even in bleed/slug mode).


      Is there a way to view facing pages WITH interior slugs/bleeds shown as page space?


      thanks for any help!