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    Poor quality dvd in PE13

    AMS Clinkham

      I am new to Premiere and have had a very positive experience editing 2 60 minute projects and a short 7 minute. The short one was using material originating from dvds and exported to dvd happily. My big problem is now with the 2 larger projects which were filmed with HD camcorders. When I burn to dvd, the quality is more like VHS than DV! I know the video has to be reduced to SD, but the quality of the encoding seems unacceptably poor when the footage in the timeline is so lovely!

      The project settings of the sequences are:

      General: AVCHD 1080p, 50 fr/sec

      Video: 1920 x 1080, square, progressive, 50 fr/sec

      Audio 48 Hz.

      I realise this lovely quality cannot be replicated on the dvd, but what can I do to get the best quality of output possible on my dvds?

      Appreciate any guidance on this ...