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    Quite confused for a pc configuration


      Hi, can anyone help me for a pc configuration? It's time for me to refresh my desktop pc, and I'd like to receive some advises from experts. I'm a professional photographer and videomaker. What I'd need it's a really performance machine for an heavy use of Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects. I have been using Mac since 1994, but I'm talking in consideration also a pc workstation. can anyone help me? Please consider an average budget of 2500/3000 Dollars-Euro.

      thanks in advance for you help.


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          Bani Verma Adobe Employee



          Please refer to the following link and check the system requirements you'll need to use adobe apps:


          System requirements | Creative Cloud


          Hope this helps resolve the query.





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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            should be moved here Hardware Forum

            there are plenty of premiere build threads to read thru


            you may end up with a build close to this, Re: Please help with first time PC build

            you will want 32gb (4x8gb) minimum, 64gb if doing 4k. you can start with 32gb and add more later too.

            the samsung 850 pro ssd 256gb will work for os/apps drive

            if all media and cache can fit on 400-500gb drive, you may want to look at the samsung sm951 m.2 or intel 750 pcie ssd.

            if you need more space, multiple samsung 850 pro ssd's can be used, and even put into raid for more speed.

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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Those minimum specifications are way too low and will result in an underpowered machine, especially for AE and PPro..  It might run the applications, but not very well.

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                ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                I would suggest you look at the X99 platform with the 5930K and 32GB of DDR4. That will give you the best performance for the price for those applications and allow considerable upgrade options in the future. A 980GTX card would be the GPU to look at first with the 980Ti the better option if you have the budget.





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                  fab248 Level 1

                  hi Eric, thank you for your help. Unlucky I'm new to pc environment, so sorry for stupid questions!!!!

                  I've noticed that the gpu you suggested are mainly for a gaming use: as i won't play with pc, are they ok for a heavy use of Photoshop and Premiere cc (4k dng editing)??

                  And a motherboard for 2 professor Xeon?

                  really thanks for you kind help!!

                  bye Fabrizio

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    GPU acceleration performance is based on the raw hardware specs of the video cards. The higher end Gaming video cards have better specs than almost all of the Quadro cards. The Titan X for example has the same specs as the Quadro m6000. However the Titan x is around $1000 while the Quadro M6000 is around $4000. The only real difference in terms of Adobe is the Quadro card allows 10bit color preview off the video card with Adobe applications. The Geforce cards do not with Adobe applications. You have to get a Blackmagic or Aja card for 10 bit color preview instead if you need that.


                    The X99 boards are single CPU socket boards. The Dual Socket boards for Dual Xeons are Server boards. That would push far beyond your budget listed above. The Asus X99 boards are what we suggest. If you can look at a Dual Xeon Server board and config then the Asus Z10PE D8 WS is what I would suggest.





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                      Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                      You might want to use the Premiere Pro BenchMark resource pages to learn some of the do's and don't's


                      I second Eric's suggestions of the ASUS and the X99 based motherboards.