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    cf11 - cfgrid getGridObject

    Stephanie Lee_815

      We are upgrading Coldfusion from 9 to 11. This worked in 9 just fine, but running into errors in 11. My cfgrid declaration is as follows:


      <cfgrid name="cfPagingGridName" autowidth="yes" rowHeaders="no" format="html" height="165" width="675" style="border:none;"

         selectcolor="##C6D6EB" striperowcolor="##EEF3F9" striperows="yes" selectOnLoad="false" bgcolor="##FFFFFF" pageSize="1000"

                           bind="cfc:model.nomination.nominationAddRecipientGateway.getNomineeGrid({cfgridpage},{cfg ridpagesize},{cfgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdirection},#form.nominationid#)">


      On selection from this grid, we can add values from this grid to another grid when the add button is selected. The add button runs some JavaScript. This JavaScript is erroring with the getStore() method, but the real problem seems to be right before this. The part of the JavaScript that is erroring is as follows:


      // Get Nominee Grid Data

        var nomineeGrid = ColdFusion.Grid.getGridObject("cfPagingGridName");

        var mydata = nomineeGrid.getStore();


      The specific error I'm getting is "Unable to get property 'getStore' of undefined or null reference.  The real problem occurs with the getGridObject line. It never defines the variable nomineeGrid. I'm able to look at this in 2 environments, one using CF 11 and the other using CF 9 . Stepping through the code, CF 9 correctly defines the nomineeGrid variable, but CF 11 does not. My code uses this in many places so any help with this issue would be appreciated.