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    Edit Operation

      Hi All,

      I am new to flex. i need to perform Edit operation.
      After completing the add operation means storing values in to database and populating values in datagrid also.After that if i am selecting one record in the datagrid and clicking on Edit the selected record state and country values are not populating in to their comboboxes, it s displaying default values.
      My requirement is to populate the values(selected record values ) in the comboboxes like country,state etc.
      For that i wrote below code , but i am getting scripting error(code for state )

      private function showStateCombo():void{
      if(dataGridDep.selectedIndex >= 0){
      if(model.globalvalues.statesArrayCB != null){
      for(var i:int=0; i<model.globalvalues.statesArrayCB.length;i++)
      if(dataGridDep.selectedItem.STATE== model.globalvalues.statesArrayCB.getItemAt(i).STATE)
      mx.controls.Alert.show("if statement executed!!");

      dataGridDep-->id of datagrid
      model.globalvalues.statesArrayCB --> collection of all states
      STATE--> element in the xml structure

      Here i am comparing combobox value ( model.globalvalues.statesArrayCB.getItemAt(i).STATE) with datagrid value (dataGridDep.selectedItem.STATE)

      xml structure


      I am getting action script error like STATE is undefined string and has no default value.

      But STATE is having all state values .

      can any one help for resolving this issue.