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    extension can not be installed, it requires Illustrator version 16 or greater




      I'm trying to install the smart layer export 3.9.2 add-on on a new installation of Illustrator CC 2015.

      Since a couple of days are the add-ons for the new CC 2015 Available.

      I bought the add-on, downloaded the zxp file and via Extension manager CC Version I'm trying to get it installed.

      Unfortunately I'm receiving in EM CC the message "This extension can not be installed, it requires illustrator 16 or greater".

      The new Illustrator CC 2015 is version 19.0.

      A couple of weeks ago I installed the same add-on on a CC 2014 and then I had an other version of the smart layer export add-on.

      When I try to install those I'm receiving the same error message with versions "3.6.0 and 3.7.0 "


      Then I tried to upgrade a CC 2014 with the add-on installed in it to CC 2015 and there I couldn't find the add-on anymore.

      I reinstalled everything but I couldn't find it anymore in Illustrator.