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    Can't open After Effects CC 2015...


      I’ve just installed After Effects CC 2015.  When I attempt to open the program to start my trial, I get:


      “After Effects can’t continue: error while accessing the preference files inside “/Users/username/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/13.5″, please verify the file permissions and try again."


      13.5 prefs are new since installing CC 2015. When I go into the 13.5 folders, they are empty. Is there a solution?  Before installing AE, I was getting QT alerts.  I have had no luck opening After Effects CC.  I wish I stayed with the previous version.  I need help.  I’m on a Mac 2011 running 10.9.5 with 20GB of memory with AMD Radeon 6750M 512 MB