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    How can I smoothly edit 4k footage?


      I'm not sure what settings or appropriate video format to use in After Effects that would help optimize my editing process. The frame rate is jumpy from watching 4k video as well.

      My memory and multiprocessing settings are as follows: RAM available for AE: 121.9 GB and Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously is checked.


      Here are my computer specs:



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Edit in AE - NO, you edit in Premiere Pro or some other NLE and they will handle 4K just fine if your system is up to the task.


          Inside AE even with CC 2015, you have to learn how to judge your work without relying on full resolution previews. I work in 4K all the time on my MBPro R but I only use 100% (200% with the HR displays) previews to check a frame here and there to make sure my composite is seamless. All of my motion tests are done at 1/4 resolution. You would have to have a monster to do full screen full resolution previews in AE that were more than a few seconds long. Remember AE is fore creating shots or short sequences, it is not an editing tool. Never was.


          BTW, it's much easier for us if you just drag your screenshots to the Reply window on this forum or use the Add Image icon that looks like a camera.