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    Dragging issues

      Hi All,

      I am having an issue with dragging. I have a loaded swf inside an HBox.
      When I startDrag on the loaded swf, it seems like it is changing the the index of the display list to the top, because I can drag the swf all over other items on the stage...

      1- Why does it do this?
      2- I want it to stay inside my Hbox. I tried the bounds but gave me an error> swfLoaded.startDrag(false,0 0 0 0)? (1084: Syntax error: expecting rightparen before 0.)
      Here is the tricky part....I am also zooming the swf inside the HBox, I am clipping the exess of the swf when zoomed with clipContent="true" autoLayout="false" on the Hbox, so my application's size is not affected by the zoom. When the application is loaded and I drag first, it drags over everything.. if I zoom first, (which the Hbox clips the excess) I can then drag normally inside the HBox..

      Any ideas please? About any of these weird behaviours....

      thanks in advance