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    Chrome will disable flash !

    AshishKummar Level 1

      Just wanted to check that, Is Google Chrome browser is going to disable flash plugin/content by default in near future ?

      I read here they gave facility to user to do this -  http://mashable.com/2015/06/05/chrome-disables-autoplaying-flash/

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          What the article states is VIDEO content by default will be paused. Chrome maintains and updates it's own SWF plugin so they're simply trying to stop the onslaught of abused bandwidth by huge annoying video banners. They put more emphasis on battery life of laptops in the article but IMHO, any and all video of any size should never be auto-play unless the user chooses to allow it. I think they're striking at that annoying trend itself. Do note also that the plugin intends to stop video if it is not central to the content of the page. If there is nothing but a SWF on the page with little other content, and the SWF takes up most of the screen, Chrome is smart enough to know it's going to be a Flash-based page (game/site/other) and will not disable it. Although that could change in the future, in Java-esque way. I hope the sandboxing of Flash doesn't make them lean in that direction however. So don't worry, unless a user explicitly disables Flash content, it will all work as normal, unless you're one of those bandwidth hog video banner advertisers

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            Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            He seems to not know much about Facebook apps, and how many of them are done with Flash. I would bet the majority of the games would be difficult to do in HTML5. I doubt they would end up as slick as games like this fairly popular one:


            Candy Crush Saga on Facebook | Facebook

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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              (Not in response to you Colin haha, I'm just guilty of using the quick reply button - rhetorical post)


              To me it's a person who needs to stick to security and leave developers to develop. Yes, the plugin has bugs. What software is infinitely impervious? Every OS on the planet, regardless if it's in a router or actual computer, can be hacked. There is always a way. At will, DoS attacks prove to take down any website at choice, it has been demonstrated exhaustively as a measure of protest. On any given day the news cycle gets dry and regardless that he works at facebook (on my scale of quality that's a 1 out of 10 for a job), suddenly his tweet is blown out of proportion. The news just doing what it does best, drive-by headlines.


              I don't usually banter but, want to know what I find a lot more annoying than what this tweet finds annoying? I find the average facebook post about what someone is eating 3 times a day to be far more irritating than any amount of trouble a plugin has given me. That's why I decidedly do not use facebook. It's a giant soapbox for the unimportant. Much like this tweet. Calling for the end of another companies product, regardless of reputation, should be well outside of his etiquette. I'd FAR sooner call for the death of facebook before Flash.

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                Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Firefox 39 continues to run Flash content ok for me.

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                  Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  He's just as wrong now as he was then. Demanding HTML5 content can wear down batteries faster than Flash content doing the same task.

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                    sinious Most Valuable Participant

                    Well, I've been bantering anyway so.. CNN is in the business of turning heads. The article has a decidedly pointed statement and then near the end of course tacks on reality. Firefox blocked Flash only until Adobe patches the known exploit.


                    And man, am I tired of seeing Apple credited for starting any kind of decline.


                    Want to talk about bugs, crashing and overall insane instability? Mac was it. What happened to resolve Apples stability issues? Did they use their ingenuity to fix their products? No, they sold out, gave up, for all the obvious reasons. They weren't qualified to make a decent computer. Regarding computing, Apple is about "design". To solve MacOS as cheap as possible they plopped a UI on Unix. As in, the vast majority of the stability is not credited to Apple , it's Unix. Why stop there? PowerPC was never going to beat Intel, Jobs said it himself, and there goes any evidence of "Apple" inside Apple computers: "Looking ahead Intel has the strongest processor roadmap by far," Jobs said in a statement at the time. "It's been ten years since our transition to the PowerPC, and we think Intel's technology will help us create the best personal computers for the next ten years."


                    I have nothing against Apple, I have their quality products. They're just not filled with any Apple parts. Just their ideas.


                    Point being, Jobs tanked Apple just as much as he saved it. Jobs saying Apple's failure was mostly related to Flash is as laughable as saying if they'd even exist if they didn't stop killing themselves with their own bug-laden software and hardware. Apple had an agenda in neglecting Flash, and it certainly had nothing to do with Flash.

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                      rickster56 Level 1

                      Oh, I agree wholeheartedly.  Apple has nice products but not for people that love to build or enhance their systems.  I have an iPad and the One Button approach is stupid.  One Button can't solve everything that goes on with iPad's issues.  And, Apple takes the opposite view on everything a PC has just for kicks.  OPT instead of ALT, CMD instead of CTRL, Finder instead of Explorer.  __________ instead of Adobe.  And, Steve Jobs, dare I say it, infallible. He led companies that went bust plenty of times. Jobs blocked convention "just because"


                      But, the news is all over the place and one must wonder if it will continue to persist and are we the ones denying global warning "just because"?  FF is my default because it has a lot of features with add-ons but it crashes a LOT.  I've blamed Mozilla for an unstable platform which I believe is well founded.  All of my content on 4 websites use Flash but I have to recommend to my subscribers to use Puffin on mobile devices when they have complaints and it works great.  Yet, does Adobe have an action plan?  Do we have an action plan?


                      I just think that we should keep this discussion going and follow the events of what is happening "out there".  "Perception is reality" to some.  But, we are here as developers and I'd like this very dialog to continue so we don't live in a vacuum and we can continue together to follow this thing.  Whether we like it or not, events are unfolding and we can communicate our concerns to Adobe because they are the only ones that can speak for the product development issues.  I'm going to bookmark this discussion and follow everones posts.


                      I don't want (my sites) to die alone. 



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                        rickster56 Level 1

                        I have AdBlocker just because media using annoying Flash ads.  Many websites whine about it "because it helps keep our content free".  Who cares when content is only 1/8th of their page?

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                          Preran Adobe Employee

                          Hi all,


                          For the latest information on updates to Flash Player, see Adobe Security Bulletin




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                            sinious Most Valuable Participant

                            Thanks as always for the update Preran!


                            And for everyone's information, Firefox barked at me to upgrade Flash (just now) as I was testing something unrelated. I updated, and now it's enabled by default. Firefox merely displayed 2 options. 1, not update and Activate Flash (because there's good reasons to NEVER tell the user they can't), or upgrade and Firefox will auto-enable it again. I use developer plugins for debugging so I just updated those and Firefox happily re-enabled Flash automatically.


                            They call it the drive-by media for a reason. They throw a headline out which is meant to grab you and per the articles contents have nearly zero responsibility for doing so. Journalists jobs are only to get you to read the content and see their advertisements. Most these days simply do no research beyond the "big bang" of the headline. If they really cross the line, a retraction may be posted. Alas, not even 24 hours later, patch fixed, Firefox back to normal/enabled. Learn from that example if you thought it was going any other way. Firefox does not want to be branded "the browser that doesn't support Flash".

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                              tfcjames Level 1

                              Good advice here on how to block Flash by default on Chrome and Firefox. Tips for Online Security and Privacy