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    InDesign 2015 CC update Issues  (Help needed)


      I'm having a similar issue after installing the new CC 2015 InDesign. When using my tool box tool (T) it shows its active in the tool bar on the left but freezes for a second, spinning wheel, then goes back to the selection tool. This allows me not to be able to use the shortcut (T) to quickly edit text boxes and copy. I literally have to go over and select the box then go edit the text (too slow for the fast paced environment in working in and unacceptable). Also over the last couple of days it has been getting worse. Now when i try to zoom in by clicking (Z), it goes to the selection tool or when i try to escape from editing within a text box it freezes for a second, spinning wheel, then goes to some other tool



      Any one got any ideas on how to fix this?