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    Merging catalogues with duplicate photos that have different develop settings


      I have a question about merging catalogs in lightroom 4 and preserving edits to duplicate photos.


      I have two computers, each having an identical collections of photos but separate catalogs. In some instances the same photo has been edited in different ways in each computer's catalog. I want to merge the two catalogs into a master catalog and preserve the the two different edits in the master catalog. I can do this by selecting "Import from another catalog", then "Changed existing photos"->"Replace"->"Metadata and develop settings only" and also "preserve the old settings as a virtual copy". This works as I intended.


      The problem is that for cases when the photo in one catalog has no edits, but the other does, I end up with a virtual copy in the master catalog with no edits in addition to one with edits. I don't need the  virtual copy without edits, as I can get it by using the history. How can I "preserve the old settings as a virtual copy" only when the both of the photos in each catalog have edits?


      Case 1: Both catalogs have different edits to a photo that is in both catalogs


      SourceCatalog{ photo1 + editsA }

      merged to ->

      DestinationCatalog{ photo1 + editsB }

      desired result

      DestinationCatalog{ photo1 + editsA , photo1 + editsB }


      Case 2: Only one catalog has edits to a photo that is in both catalogs


      SourceCatalog{ photo1 + edits }

      merged to ->

      DestinationCatalog{ photo1 }

      desired result

      DestinationCatalog{ photo1 + edits }

      observed result

      DestinationCatalog{ photo1, photo1 + edits }