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    LR Lockup with AMD 15.7 Drivers

    PhilT_GP Level 1

      After the LR CC update a few months ago many of us were disappointed that AMD drivers had problems that prevented LR using the GPU acceleration features.


      Yesterday AMD released version 15.7 of there drivers and this seems to have resolved the LR problem.

      However, now LR has a new problem.

      It will lockup easily - typically when when switching between library and develop modules.

      Sometimes when using any dialog box.


      With the a acceleration turned off, the problem does not occur - if you are lucky enough to be able to get to the dialog box to turn it off before LR locks up.

      I am using a HD6570


      When I get the lockup in library mode, there is a rectangle displayed over the grid-view.

      And then the whole screen has a grey overlay and the box remains black.

      But, I have also had the lockup when opening the dialog to turn off the acceleration feature.





      I have not seen anything official from Adobe to say "use the AMD 15.7 drivers to resolve the original problem" - but it does appear to be a step towards fixing that problem so I would hope that Adobe and AMD have been working together.

      So I am surprised to see that they failed to test LR with the new drivers.


      I am not along- this new lockup on AMD 15.7 drivers has been logged a few times already.