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    CC 2015 Tapping to create markers glitchy

    arkayny Level 1

      Updated and in general very happy with the new render engine.  Getting used to controlling it.  One serious issue for me.  I mark my music by tapping the asterisk (num pad) while auditioning the soundtrack. With the new renderer, the music drops out when I tap.  By the time it comes back Ive already missed a bunch of frames to mark.  Is this a system (me) or systemic (CC 2015) problem?

      [Mac Pro. Tons of RAM and Resources using Yosemite]. 

      Also the time marker line disappears every once and a while and won't show up in the comp until I re boot.  Not serious but annoying. 

      If others are having this issue chime in for a bug fix


      Rob Kahn