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    upgrade mx7 to cf9


      Our company intranet site was built by a third party.  It's been using CF MX7 Standard.  They have an upgrade for the site which requires CF 8.01 or better.  I'd read of issue with 10 and thought it safest to upgrade to 9.  What's the procedure for upgrading?  I gather I need to purchase 11 with a downgrade to 9.  I understand there's a utility in the developer edition that analyzes the site for issues, which I'd like to use.  Thanks for any help.

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          haxtbh Level 4

          Coldfusion 9 is no longer supported. I believe you will have to upgrade to CF11 but will not be able to downgrade to 9.  There is a code analyser in the CF administrator which will be able to scan your site and tell you of issues with the code with that specific version.


          Adobe do have a backward license policy where you can purchase CF11 and get the previous version 10. They will give you the serial but will not provide the software to install. This only applies to volume licensing though I think.

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            georgekfoxtrot Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response.  It looks like I may have to buy the full v11 Standard as no upgrade pricing is available from v7.  I'm leery of jumping up four versions.  Hopefully I can get some guidance from the site developer.