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    Rules on Color Change Plugin when using a .PSD w/color overlay

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      so i created a logo in PS and and i am animating it in AEcs5.


      During the animation i realized that i need to double/duplicate a couple of the objects for hierarchy reasons. However now when i apply change color and pick the color i get nothing.


      In the psd i am using color overlay on the same object.


      Is AE honoring the psd specs over the changes i am making in AE?

      Is change color not the right effect for this?


      In addition to this it seems i can not get a white glow in this comp at all other than in the fake volume metrics you may see in the full comp. I want the body object to burn white as it is revealed and then return to normal. But I can get the white glow without using one of the cheezy plugs that place a frame around the effected object, and it cuts the glow off.


      ae color.pngae color 2.pngae color 3.pngAE NO Glow.png