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      In replay to ADOBE email.....No, my problem IS NOT solved.  I found that rather than ADE 4.  My Glowlight Nook will only operate on Digital 3. 

      I have uninstalled ADE 4.  wiped out my cookies, shut down the computer.

      Started computer and installed ADE 3.0 but ADE4. is still what appears on the screen.  It is dead...will not let me return books or even X out.  I have been through this procedure more than once.  Also someplace along the line our email address is in all Caps and when I unauthorize it still remains unchanged. ADE will not accept a different email address even though I have repeat the process.

      I have a new email address but cannot enter it in ADE 3 because ADE 4 is unresponsive and is still living in this computer.  This is so frustrating but I did spend the holiday weekend talking to HP, Nook and at ADE there appears to be no person/ supervisor/ or Tech to talk to.  The best that the person could do was hook me to Chat which was a waste of another couple of hours, that thread is 56131.  The response from Chat was "technical glitch". The forum thread is 1113125

      What would make me a happy camper is for ADE to take control of my computer and get rid of ADE 4 and the email address that is in all caps. Then install a working ADE3.