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    app packaging and importing html 5 in v8


      In Captivate 7, I was using the app packager to insert html 5 projects/animations/interactions into my project. Now with v8, the app packager doesn't have the right hand side panel to import other html 5. All the documentation online is only about importing Edge animations. I have tried importing things that worked in v7 app packager using the Media/HTML 5 button in V8, this only allows me to select zipped files, but when i select it, it doesn't show, preview and actually stops the project from being able to be published.


      So my questions are:


      1) is there a way to import html 5 animations/projects/interactions into captivate 8 that are not Edge animate? If so, how? ( I know I can use the web object learning interaction but I would prefer for it all to be packaged and uploaded together)


      2) Why did they take away the use of the app packager?


      3) What can be imported using the Media/HTML 5 button? What kind of files? what restrictions are there?


      btw- tried talking to customer support on chat but was cut off at there closing time..arghhh


      Any definitive answer would be great


      Thanks for any help in advance.