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    Multiple edge animate animations disappearing on load in browsers?

    dajupe Level 1

      Hi all how are we today?

      I am just finishing off a site using EA cc 2014.1 and DW cc 2014.1.1 Unfortunately I am to deep in to

      start again using bootstrap in DW 2015 for responsive design.

      I came across an issue a number of months ago, having multiple EA compositions not displaying

      when on the same page. I was shown a fix by combining the Adobe Edge runtime files into one runtime

      file. This seemed to fix the problem at first. However I have now noticed that some times the EA comps

      do not run or only one of them runs. Sometimes if I hit the reload button the animations will come up

      afterwards. Sometimes they will not. Some pages seem to be effected more than others. I am

      hoping someone knows a fix for this problem, maybe there is some code to dictate the order the animations

      are played in or something of this nature.

      Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction because at the moment I am at a loss as what

      to do?