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    Find and Replace object layer options



      I have over two hundred placed instances of a .psd object throughout my document, each of these object instances has it's object layer option set to a different layer of the .psd object.


      I've re-created the .psd inside illustrator to make the layers vector scalable for print, as updated by the client. (Yes they should have been made in illustrator to being with )..


      Is there any way inside InDesign to find and replace all instances of a specified object layer of the .psd, with the object layer of the new .ai object?


      At the moment I am painstakingly going through one by one and replacing via: Select instance frame -> CMD-D -> select .ai file -> Right Click -> Object layer properties -> choose the matching new layer. Absolute monotony.


      Batch replacing via Transform Sequence Again Individually doesn't appear to work for object layers..... unless I am doing it wrong?


      Any help please would be much appreciated..



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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I feel your pain - I had a similar request many years ago, and I believe Jongware came up with a great solution.


          So I can't find the thread - but here's the code


          for (s=0; s<app.selection.length; s++)

          try {

            with (app.selection[s].graphics[0].clippingPath)


             appliedPathName = photoshopPathNames[0];

             clippingType = ClippingPathType.PHOTOSHOP_PATH;


          } catch(_) {}



          Change one image to the clipping path you want - then select the others on the same page/spread and run the script.


          Then change each object per spread.


          I know it's not fully automatic, but it wasn't what I needed at the time, I only needed to change about 50 items on a spread regularly.

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            Leon.K Level 1

            Thanks Eugene,


            I will try out the script, and see if I can add to it to extend to the entire document.. If I can, I'll post it back here.