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    searching Date Accessed Files

    Roofy Level 1
      Hi there all,
      My computer is getting a little sluggish, and I have too much stuff on my computer. Therefore what I would like to do is create a search database that most importantly displays files that are atleast 4 months old. Yeah, I could use Windows search engine, but there are a couple of features that I would like to add which makes the program specificlly for cleaning purposes. For example, Windows Search engine only allows you specify one location. In others words, if I want to search the entire hard drive, but exclude specific files, I cannot do so in Windows Search engine. In addition, I cannot click on a file and have Windows search engine to remember not to include the clicked on file in future searches.
      These are some of the features that I would like to add. However I would like to know which free plug-in would allow me to access the date of the files when they were last used? I am thinking BuddyAPI can, but if I recall, I can only use to functions for free. Would FileIO work?