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    footnotes not updating properly


      I have placed a word document into ID and I have been adding to it, editing, reordering text, etc.  If I add footnotes or move text (i.e. from page 50 to page 30) the superscript numbers in the footnote text is updated properly, but the number in the body text does not at all.  It is as if the body's footnote text assumes its original, chronological position in the document, despite its new one.   


      If its of any import, I am using a script to make my footnotes appear as sidenotes, but my suspicion is that it is not a problem with the footnote, as much as a setting in how ID is reading the placed word document and doing some automatic text flow preservation, which I am not smart enough to figure out.


      Lastly, I have tried updating the cross references under the hyperlinks & cross references tab, but that either doesn't work or is greyed out.


      The forum has helped me in the past and I hope will again!!