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    character animator


      yeah really promising.. lively feedback.. next steps i hope profile perspective

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Do you mean having a character look to the side but still be controllable via webcam or microphone? If so, check out the Character Animator Examples project (Character Animator Examples), and specifically the Wendigo puppet in the "02. Wendigo" scene. You can switch between views with the 1/2/3/4 keys, and still use the webcam and mic to control the character.


          Or do you mean something else?

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            pablop96 Level 1

            thanks, I´ll have a look.. I think yes we´re talking about the same thing... side looking as opposed to front looking.. one of the things I´m after is having carachters talking and walking frame Left to Right etc... it´s awesome so far anyways