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    Basic button not working

    Corrie1000 Level 1


      Im a newbie to edge (using the latest CC version) and i'm trying to make a simple button with an up state and a down state.

      I've followed a simple tutorial on Lynda.com but I can't make my button work.

      Is there somewhere on this forum that I can upload my file so someone can see what I've done wrong please?


      As a brief outline, I've created a symbol for my button and labelled it's timeline 'up' 'over' and 'down' at 0.00 , 1.00 and 2.00 respectively.

      I've added the action at each of these 3 points

      In the main timeline I've added actions to the button:

      MouseUp: sym.getSymbol("button").stop(up);

      MouseOver: sym.getSymbol("button").stop(over);

      MouseDown: sym.getSymbol("button").stop(down);

      MouseOut: sym.getSymbol("button").stop(up);

      Click: window.open("http://www.adobe.com", "_self");

      I've also set the playback to 'stop at 'up' so that it automatically shows the up state.


      When I view in a browser I see the up state and when I click it goes to the link, but it won't show the down state.


      It's driving me nuts, any help greatly appreciated