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    How to Create a Shiny Blinking Red Dot?


      Hello guys!

      This is my first post to the forums, so please excuse me if I have posted this topic in the wrong channel.


      I am a filmmaker, who is experimenting with VFX for the first time, so I\'m absolutely clueless about how these things work.


      Learning softwares has not been a problem for me, but the need to use After Effects or any other VFX related software has not risen in my filmmaking days, until today.


      So this might be the most amateur post out there, but I wish to ask the community for help, since I wish to learn everything about VFX from scratch.


      The need-

      I wish to create a blinking red light that is shaped in the form of a dot.


      After creating it, I wish to place it on all the areas I have pasted a green/blue dots on certain accessories to replace them with the red blinking light.


      It would be great if someone could help point me in the right direction to execute this.


      Looking forward to the response.


      Thank you Adobe community.


      = )

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          A "blinking dot" is just a collection of layers, some of which have their opacity animated to give the illusion of lights going on and off. You'd build a pre-comp for that and then place it over your main footage with whatever means you need - manually, with tracking, using effects to distort them into place. A web search just based on these few snippets will turn up enough tutorials, you just need to tie the different techniques together.



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            socialmohshi Level 1

            Hello Mylenium,

            Thank you so much for your useful suggestions and detailed guidance.

            I have been looking for tutorials online but cannot find anything to create exactly the thing I have in mind.
            Plus being relatively new in after effects makes me more handicapped in the entire approach for the execution.


            Could you suggest a simple method to execute this?
            I wish to execute a blinking LED dot, one that would be emitted from a device or a robot, like a blinking red shiny signal.


            Looking forward to your response.

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              khkannisto Level 1

              There are basically three options here depending on how much motion there is in the image:


              1) Static camera, static dots

              2) Static camera, moving dots

              3) Moving camera


              For (1), you could simply create the dots as shapes and then animate (keyframe) the opacity value to make them blink on and off.

              For (2), you will need to track the motion of the marker dots and apply the tracking information to the shapes

              For (3), the best option would likely be to track the 3D camera and create 3D null to attach the shapes to, but the same solution as for (2) could also work, and it is easier to learn.


              Here is a tutorial that covers motion tracking here (I haven't watched it, just peeked at it, but it seems to cover the basics):


              After Effects: Using the motion tracker - YouTube